About the Campaign

Tuesday Night project needs the community’s help in keeping this art+community space free! A season of Tuesday Night Cafe consists of 14 shows, but did you know that TNP also offers additional programming throughout the year, including free workshops? Here’s what your donation can go toward:

  • $25-$30 for small equipment costs, like chairs, gaff tape, and replacement parts.
  • $150 for power cords and surge protectors.
  • $350 funds a Tuesday Night Cafe show (includes catering, engineering, and video editing costs)
  • $1,000 buys us an HD camera and ensures we are collecting community history
  • $2,000 feeds our crew in a year’s worth of planning meetings and community-building

Our goal is to raise $10,000 from October 2- 16th. We will stretch every penny of that $10,000 into 14 shows and an entire 15th year of TNP. Sounds like a tall order to get an whole year’s funding in just two weeks, but we’ve always been able to count on the community to keep us going. Like we say, PEOPLE are each other’s greatest resource.  Any amount (or equipment!) you can donate counts!

To celebrate the end of an amazing 14th season of Tuesday Night Cafe, as well as to thank you for your contribution, we are releasing free downloads of tracks from the artists who played at last year’s J-Town Summer Sessions concert. More information about that here.

Thanks to past community grants and donorship, we’ve been able to:

  • maintain 14 seasons of a free art+community venue with a focus on highlighting new and original artistic work from APIA and L.A. artists, connecting people-loving organizations and individuals from all over this city and the world (Pakistan, China, and Canada, to name a few!).
  • launch free art+community-focused writing and storytelling workshops with facilitator traci kato-kiriyama and special guests.
  • develop of a community-mapping project focusing on stories “behind the organization” with a focus on its first phase on Little Tokyo (in partnership with the Little Tokyo Asset Map) at our Little Tokyo Stories blog.
  • keep our shows accessible to those not living in the L.A. area by providing a livestream for each event.
  • create countless collaborations with organizations, networks, organizers, educators, students, and individuals through the Tuesday Night Cafe venue and build meaningful relationships across communities and provide paths for engagement in issues, initiatives, and social justice work.

What are you waiting for?