Mike Nailat

Who loves TNC? This Guy!

Tuesday Night Cafe has always been synonymous with the word “community” for me.  Everyone I’ve ever worked with, organized with, learned from, or even taught has at one point or another had some kind of connection to the Cafe.  Because in a space like the Tuesday Night Cafe, people aren’t allowed to just “be there.”  There’s something about the energy the Cafe creates that draws people together and challenges them to do more.  An audience member will inevitably become an open mic performer.  A performer will eventually become a volunteer.  A volunteer will eventually end up running the whole show.  And even when people come and go, they never really “leave” the Cafe.  It stays with them forever.  I started off as an audience member, and I did eventually do the open mic.  That led to me doing photography, web broadcasting, DJing, and even some production.  I learned how to do those things for the cafe, and I brought that knowledge with me everywhere else I’ve ended up.  I did things I would have never dreamed of doing a decade ago, but because of the community and energy it pulls together, I never had to ask myself why I did those things; the only question that crossed my mind was “why not?”

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