Douglas Ishii

Douglas Ishii is an awesome human who discovered TNP and decided to study the space for his do his dissertation and ended up falling in love with the space. He even came by for a visit!

I started following the Tuesday Night Project from my place near Washington, D.C. through their live streaming last year.  From a scholarly perspective, I knew that the TNP crew was doing something special: they were creating a central space of expression in one of the most sprawling cities in the country, and giving performers – particularly Asian American ones, who because of stereotypes are not seen as comedians, guitarists, dancers, singer/songwriters, actors, or spoken word poets, to name some of TNC’s many forms of art – an opportunity to work a welcoming crowd.

What I didn’t realize is that TNP is so much more than a collective of artists or a stage.  I’ve grown to expect my first and third Tuesday evenings to be filled with moments of laughter, moments of rawness, and moments of beauty.  (Getting my twice-a-month shout-out as “Maryland” doesn’t hurt either.)  I attended a TNC in person and was immediately invited into the fold; Little Tokyo feels like a home away from home to me now.

TNP serves our communities – in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, Asian America, the arts scene – in such a special and unique way.  There’s such an intimacy, but there’s also such power, consistency, and presence.  TNP is a venue that gives us a voice; few other spaces across the country can even compare.  Please, keep TNP free, and keep our community alive. Like they say every show: “Five bucks won’t suck.”

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