Chris Hahn

Chris Hahn is a sound engineer for Tuesday Night Cafe and also a core staff member. He currently goes to UCLA to study independent music production and currently makes a living as a network administrator. He is a self taught guitarist, bassist and currently taking piano instruction to further his musicianship.

I discovered Tuesday Night Project in 2010 with the intention of scoping out a venue for my band at the time. I came to the venue with a certain mindset and left with a very different one. Who knew there was a space that was fueled by love and inspiration? I decided to watch the next show and started volunteering at the show after that. I gravitated toward the sound engineering role and learned how to run the sound and stage. By the time I started my second year with Tuesday Night Cafe I was running the sound board with the resident sound engineer, Anthony Barera. This space is a great source for growth, inspiration and comfort. I have had the privilege to meet people who have helped me grow as an artist, musician and engineer.

Sadly, nothing runs on just inspiration and love alone. There should be a general understanding that a monetary cost is tied to do anything in this world, even Tuesday Night Project must face this reality. I do not accept payment for my services to the project, but the equipment, does not discriminate when lending its services to the community. Cables get damaged and maintenance can only hold off the inevitable from happening for so long. We do our very best to stretch out the longevity of everything the community provides however, the longer you stretch anything the more tension is applied. If anything, a small donation will bring us some piece of mind to know that even if tension becomes too much, we have the means to replace or repair what breaks.

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