We are so excited to announce the confirmation of a TN Family Matching Pool!
Starting today through midnight on Tuesday, Oct 16, every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED (up to $5,000).
Long-term supporters of Tuesday Night Project pooled $5,000 to make this possible!

HELP your TN Project family reach the goal of $10,000 to keep TN free and look ahead to our 15th year of the Tuesday Night Cafe free public art series, countless collaborations with  artists and organizations, free workshops for the community, and a focus on art+community in Little Tokyo and throughout  Los Angeles as a way to build community engagement and exciting venues for creative expression and collaboration!

THANK YOU to our official 2012 team – this group of long-term supporters is challenging YOU to donate now and make our 15th season possible.

-> the TN Family Matching Pool w/ Team Capt. Iku Kiriyama

Team Capt. Iku Kiriyama

Christine Keiko Agena and Shin Kawasaki
Lynn and Brian Arthurs
Kat Carrido
Karen Gee
Doug Hirai
Jenni, Tony, and Maiya Grace Kuida-Osumi
Kathy and Mark Masaoka
Daren Mooko
Carrie and Walter Morita
The Okamoto Family
Glenn and Aileen Suravech
Collin Tateishi
Jenny Yang