Connie Lim

Singer/songwriter Connie Lim shares soulful stories through music and melody. She has long graced the Tuesday Night Cafe stage and would love your help in keeping TN free! Find out why below:

I love the Tuesday Night Project and really hope that you will take a moment for this fundraiser and be an active patron of this amazing organization. I’ve performed at TNP’s Tuesday Night Cafe in Downtown Los Angeles, and I must say the sound system is great, the staff is genuine and supportive, and the audience always goes beyond the norm to show their love. The show takes place outdoors, with plentitudes of friendly and artistic people. The lineup is always bursting with character and a passionate urge to say something about the world. I always go in excited and comfortable. I always leave empowered, and even more comfortable in my skin.

If you want Los Angeles to continue to have this FREE space for art and creativity, I know you’ll feel REALLY good about donating to this. Also, check out the tracks that we’re releasing every other day between October 2nd and 16th! The amazing Glenn Suravech helped us mix and engineer these live tracks, and the one I’m sharing with you all is a live performance of “LA City.”

Help keep TN a free space! We’re launching our official campaign for $10,000 on October 2nd, when we’ll also be releasing tracks from our J-Town Summer Sessions artists. Can’t wait to donate? Click here.