Candace Kita

Candace connected with Tuesday Night Cafe through the Asian American community at her alma mater, Scripps College. By day, she is now an Administrator for Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre, a site-specific dance company. By night, she is the Visual Curator and Business Assistant for TNC, as well as a hustlin’ freelance graphic designer. Here’s why she is enamored with Tuesday Night Cafe.

We often talk about Tuesday Night Cafe as a “space.” On the surface, TNC’s longstanding physical home–the Aratani Courtyard–provides solid ground each first and third Tuesday. It is a place to rest your limbs under the Little Tokyo stars, perhaps with a Sapporo in hand.

Yet as a dedicated TNC audience member who has sat on that ground for over four seasons–and a core staff member for the past year–I’ve realized that TNC is a space of many surfaces, too. For me, it has been a space shaped by listening, learning, and love. First and third Tuesdays not only spark my creative vision but weave my experiences–as a visual artist, as an Asian American, as a Los Angeles resident–within a grounded and conscious community. As a staff member, I also understand TNC as a space full of intention, commitment, and unimaginable human wealth. Traveling across dark overpasses to meet, plan, and ultimately build our own bridges, the TNC core has convinced me that despite Los Angeles’ reputation for vastness and vapidity, concentrated human energy can build sparkling gems in this city.

And, always, we come back to space. Seeking illumination under stage lights, nourishment at the grassroots, and the foundation of solid ground, I find myself at Tuesday Night Cafe, again and again.
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