Lindsey Yung

Lindsey Yung‘s J-Town Summer Sessions track is ready for you to download! Here’s why she supports Tuesday Night Project:

I found out about Tuesday Night Project when Traci was down in San Diego.  We both performed at a mutual event and I remember I thought she was so talented and I envied the awesomeness of her color-streaked hair.  I was told that TNP was a tight knit community of artists and a great way to network and gain exposure in Los Angeles.  Until then, L.A. was known to me as the land of dementors and venues that don’t care about music, but draw.   I played TNP for the first time last summer, 2011 and I remember being moved by the art, the energy and the people.  What goes on in Little Tokyo those Tuesday nights is a true expression of art and love.  It’s a place of celebration, where artists can come share their creativity in a community that values creative expression in all its forms.  It’s amazing to me that TNP is free and that so many people volunteer their time, energy and resources.   TNP is comprised OF artists FOR artists.  I will always support, love and cherish them.  What they do and what they stand for is extremely important and must continue for the future generations of creative people.  I will always be grateful to include myself in the community of artists associated with the Tuesday Night Project and I hope that through donations, TNP will continue on indefinitely.

Enjoy Lindsey’s song, and don’t forget to donate!

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