Collin Tateishi

Collin Tateishi is one of the newest members of TNP.  He currently works at Little Tokyo Service Center assisting in helping with urban development in the community.
After spending 4 years in the remote valleys of San Luis Obispo County, I returned to my home: Los Angeles.  Determined to converge my academic and intuitive interests in urban planning, art, and community cultural development, I was able to find a dynamic pocket of like-minded individuals emerging from the many corners of the Little Tokyo community.
Tuesday Night Cafe represents an outlet for my introspective expression as well as my community organizing and neighborhood planning work.  Reflective of the neighborhood it is rooted in, the Cafe is an ever-changing crossroads of many cultures, perspectives, beliefs, and interests. And the neighborhood, like the city, is a robust collection of experiences and passions.  Being involved with the Cafe has allowed me to absorb these different stories to better understand the context and direction of my own.  Where that story leads, I am still unsure.  But I do know that with every evening spent under the city lights in front of the old Union Church, I am moving closer to where I want to be.
Tuesday Night Project is a family.  This family of artists, community organizers, and insightful seekers welcomes you with open arms and open minds to another season under the purview of this beautiful city we know as El Lay.
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