Greg Watanabe

Greg Watanabe is part of the comedy troupe 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors. He’s been a longtime supporter of the space and wants YOU to donate. Here’s why:

I first encountered the Tuesday night cafe in 2003 while I was promoting the 18 mighty Mountain warriors, an Asian American sketch comedy troupe based primarily in San Francisco.

I think the Tuesday night cafe is an amazing space. The people are incredible, open, artistic, progressive, and very much community oriented.

I think the fact that the cafe is free is integral to what makes it so great. the staff is entirely volunteer , and the space is entirely run on donations. This really encourages people to come and share their art, their work, and for people to come and really be open to  seeing and hearing that work. This spirit of generosity permeates the space and really fosters a supportive and creative environment.

This spirit of generosity also influences the kind of artists who gravitate to the space, and the kind of work those artists present.  Almost about fail, it seems that the work presented at the space is about the expression of community, the people and their struggles as well as their triumphs. The cafe us both a call to action and a celebration.

So, I encourage as many people as I can to come and participate in the space; it’s definitely an enriching experience and continually gives me context and perspective to the work I do as an actor.

And because I get so much out of the space, it’s purely a matter of self interest that I support the space as best I can, including financially.

And so should you.

Help fund a 15th year of Tuesday Night Project! Help raise $10,000 for TN! As a present to you, we’ll be releasing tracks from our J-Town Summer Sessions artists TOMORROW. Can’t wait to donate? Click here!!