[common ground]

common ground is an Orange County open mic series organized by progressive Vietnamese American community members, artists, and activists committed to cultivating a positive and safe healing space for artistic growth and community empowerment. They collaborated with Tuesday Night Project earlier this year. Here’s why they love TNP:

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Tuesday Night Project for the March 1st “Merging Mics” show in our second season. Because we’re a new open mic space, we thought it’d be great to work together with an art+community space that’s been holding it down strong in L.A. for 14 seasons. Through our Merging Mics shows, we were able to exchange ideas and bridge our Orange County and Los Angeles communities and share some major talent. Since the collaboration, we’ve continued to support each other and work towards building positive healing spaces. We’ve continually been inspired by the talent, dedication, and extraordinary stories shared at the Cafes and hope to see TNP live for 15 years– and many, many more!

Help keep TN a free space! We’re launching our official campaign for $10,000 on October 2nd, when we’ll also be releasing tracks from our J-Town Summer Sessions artists. Can’t wait to donate? Click here.