Edren T. Sumagaysay

Edren is a performer, former organizer of TNP, and director of The Undeniables. Here’s why he loves Tuesday Night Project:

I was at the very first Tuesday Night Cafe. I sat in the front row, which wasn’t hard because there were only 10 people there, and I knew all of them. They were the performers, too. It was a very intimate, open, and welcoming space, because of that. In fact, it was so intimate, open, and welcoming that I figured I might as well take a shot at performing, too. So I did. And every subsequent season, 14 seasons, actually, I still do. Even after 14 years, swelling crowds in the hundreds, and countless artists, writers, and musicians, for some reason, that space remains intimate, open, and welcoming. There is something unique and magical about that. The Tuesday Night Cafe that keeps me coming back. I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t.

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