Kasey Furutani

Kasey first attended TNP when she was a senior in high school and continues to support whenever she can.  She will be attending UCDavis in the Fall.  She has also been part of Kizuna’s Youth CAN project for the past 2 summers.  This is hertestimonial on TNP.
Tuesday Night Cafe is very important to me and the Asian American community. I have neve been a “stereotypical” Asian, the ones who study and are good at math. I am very interested in the arts and performance and it’s great to see so many other Asians who are interested in the same things. I thought it was uncommon to see other Asians voice their own opinions or read their original poetry or otherwise do creative things. I thought I was the only one. Tuesday Night is important because it breaks the “Asian stereotype” and shows the world what we are capable of.
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