Goh Nakamura

ImageGoh Nakamura lent us his voice and guitar for this season’s May 15th show. Here’s why he loves Tuesday Night Project.

About seven years ago, I was looking for a place to play in L.A., and I was introduced to traci via email by mutual acquaintances. She told me about the Tuesday Night Cafe. I really wanted to play it, but unfortunately I always taught guitar lessons on Tuesday nights, and it was hard to get that night off to go to LA.

I crossed paths with traci over the years, and she’d periodically ask me to play the event, but there’d always be some kind of schedule conflict, or I’d be in LA on a 2nd or 4th Tuesday. Luckily, I was finally able to be a part of it this year when I was in town for a film festival. I’m happy to report that it was very similar to the tight knit and warm feeling I got  in San Francisco, when I first started playing out. I got introduced to many passionate, inspired people working on their craft with the feeling of support and community. I’m happy to call it a home away from home now.

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